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HEESEN YACHT SERVICES is proactively reaching out to owners, captains and senior crew in order to enhance the customer experience, improve operational reliability, and protect the value of an expensive asset.

All this achieved through four services.

  • Heesen Original Spare Parts
  • Heesen Refit
  • Heesen Academy

By focusing on efficiency and excellence, HEESEN YACHT SERVICES offers owners significant advantages, including guaranteed quality service, highly trained crews, stable suppliers and – last but not least – peace of mind. Captains and crew can rely on the shipyard’s technical knowledge, dedicated crew training and assistance and quality control during refit and maintenance.

“The aim is to provide full-cycle assistance and services. Not only so the yachts can be maintained in peak condition. But also to generate feedback that will help us to introduce further innovations and improvements in the future,” says Heesen Fleet Service Manager, Inno Gunsing.

PartsHeesen Original Spare Parts

Experience has shown us that repairs and replacements carried out using non-original components do not always meet the high standards that our own engineers expect and that a custom Heesen yacht deserves.

We believe that efficient installation of original, high quality components, from fan coils to shaft bearings or propellers, is the best way to ensure operational reliability and avoid a delayed or cancelled cruise due to technical failures. Of particular relevance to owners is that using original spare parts also helps to maintain the resale value of a yacht over time.

To avoid downtime for the owner and guarantee prompt assistance to captains, Heesen Yachts maintains excellent relations with all the leading equipment suppliers. The Heesen Original Spare Parts service means that captains and engineers can rest assured that high-quality, warranty-protected and competitively priced components arrive on time ready for speedy installation.

RefitHeesen Refit

Unlike the luxury car sector, the yachting industry often relies on local shipyards and subcontractors when maintenance and repair work is required. Unfortunately, this usually means that the original high standards of engineering and construction are often compromised.

The aim of Heesen Refit is to ensure that Dutch quality standards are maintained throughout the lifecycle of the yacht. We achieve this by combining the shipyard’s extensive resources, expertly coordinated by Fleet Service Manager Inno Gunsing, with the experience of former marine engineer and Class surveyor Franc Jansen. Together we can advise and manage the refit, repair or renewal process to ensure the best outcome. Furthermore Heesen’s ‘flying squad’ of technicians is ready to travel at a moment’s notice to any location in the world.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s an interior, exterior or engineering refit, it needs to be done to the best quality standards,” Inno says. “The advantage for owners is that the Heesen Yacht Services program allows them to build up a solid service record. That can only help to maintain the reliability, quality and value of an expensive asset.”


AcademyHeesen Academy

The Heesen Academy aims to raise professional crew training even higher by providing the extra knowledge to improve day-to-day performance and maximise the on board experience for both owners and guests by anticipating their comfort needs. The Academy is based in Rotterdam, one of Europe’s busiest seaports. The city is also home to a renowned maritime university that offers sophisticated bridge and engine room simulators.

The programme consists of specific courses for deck and engineering officers to raise their level of training by focusing on teamwork and leadership skills and how best to manage stressful situations. In addition, deck officers are provided with dedicated training on certification, rules and regulations as well the preparation for surveys. Most importantly for the engineers are the systems, machinery and equipment aboard Heesen yachts. The Heesen team has analysed the most common problems and will train the crew how to prevent them from occurring.

Furthermore, the Heesen Academy works with Interior Yacht Services (IYS) for accredited courses. IYS is a leading agency specialising in luxury interior training based in Rotterdam.

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