42m Steel


This 42-metre steel yacht is the most dramatic advance in performance, ever. This is no idle boast but a fact proven by independent research from two of the world’s most respected hydrodynamic laboratories. She defies all preconceived notions on performance by using something that surrounds every yacht – the sea – by harnessing waves to produce power. Using conventional engines combined with a Fast Displacement Hull and a sub sea wing or Hull Vane® (option), extraordinary things happen.
This yacht is 35 per cent more efficient in producing a top speed of almost 16 knots than any other yacht of her size. Moreover, she is one of a range of 42-metre yachts allowing you to prioritise economy and speed. With an exceptional range of 4,000 miles, over 750 miles come free of charge thanks to remarkably frugal fuel consumption that is less than on a conventional displacement yacht.

42m Steel - eBrochure

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