Yachts in build

Virtual shipyard tour

Of course, nothing beats a real shipyard tour and we are always delighted and proud to take our guests to our sheds and docks. The next best thing is this virtual tour, where we show you all the yachts that are currently in build in Oss. Please, enjoy!

Heesen Yachts drydock aerial photo
Shed 4
More info coming soon..
Shed 5
YN19360 Project Falcon
Steel | Displacement
60 metres
Delivery: 22 December 2021
Shed 6
YN19959 Project SkyFall
Aluminium | FDHF
60 metres
Delivery: 28 April 2023
As one of the few yacht builders to have an entire in-house department of interior specialists, Heesen guarantees consistent quality and custom design solutions that spark your imagination.