Special episode 1 7 JUNE 2021

How do you complete a complex project like a superyacht build in Covid times? Heesen already pulled it off twice this year, and their most recent launch is 55-metre Moskito, previously known as Project Pollux. Our host Charlotte Kan visits Dickie Bannenberg of renowned design studio Bannenberg & Rowell to take us behind the scenes of the fascinating interior design process. They are joined by Heesen Executive Commercial Officer Mark Cavendish to discover the fine details of this extraordinary yacht.

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Episode 7 25 JANUARY 2021

What does it take to create the ultimate onboard experience for the owner and guests? In episode seven of YachtTalk by Heesen, Edouard de Maillé of yacht management agency EDMAR International explains what it’s like to serve the most demanding clients. Erik Smit, trainer at Luxury Hospitality Management, shares his secrets on picking and moulding the perfect crew. And in place of fake reality show ‘Below Deck’, we get an authentic picture of life on board from experienced chief stewardess Deborah Viger.

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Episode 6 21 DECEMBER 2020

In episode six of YachtTalk we take a closer look at the subject of superyacht toys. Faster, deeper, cooler; when it comes to toys there are virtually no limits. Owners and guests are a tough crowd to please, and each season crew are required to present the latest gadgets. But what about safety when jet skis can reach speeds of up to 200 km/h? And the challenge of limited onboard storage, plus proper maintenance of toys. We also look at trends like customisation and sustainability. And YachtTalk has an exclusive behind the scenes tour at U-Boat Worx, builders of private submersibles capable of reaching depths of 3,000 metres and costing up to 4 million euros.

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Episode 5 7 DECEMBER 2020

It’s no secret that building a superyacht is one of the most complex manufacturing processes in the world. The combination of advanced engineering and pure hands-on craftsmanship makes it difficult to cut corners, and yet shipyards and suppliers are continually challenged to increase efficiency, reduce their footprint and find the best artisans for the job. In episode five of YachtTalk, we take a long hard look at the future of yacht building in a bid to understand how to retain craftsmanship while increasing efficiency.

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Episode 4 23 NOVEMBER 2020

A new exciting episode of YachtTalk by Heesen is now live! And this time, it’s all about tenders. From a necessary afterthought this indispensable superyacht tool has evolved into a coveted design toy. Instead of the basic RIB, owners now spend a fortune on handmade custom-built miniature versions of their superyachts. At the same time, we see the rise of bigger chase and day boats. How can we explain this golden age of tenders? And what challenges do these vessels present for builders and crew?

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Episode 3 26 OCTOBER 2020

It’s a vulnerable world we live in. Our vast oceans, marine life and shores are in danger, which is why we need to act fast. The superyacht industry is taking joint action to turn the tide and set course to a future with zero emissions and a carbon-neutral footprint. But how do we get there? And what route should we navigate to reach our sustainable yachting goal?

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Episode 2 12 OCTOBER 2020

The Dutch are renowned for their yacht, car and interior design. YachtTalk – the show that keeps the yachting fraternity connected – brings together top designers from these strongly related fields to talk about design trends, working for demanding clients, and to explore what the superyacht of tomorrow might look like.

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The superyacht industry after COVID-19

Episode 1 28 SEPTEMBER 2020

Will the corona crisis have a lasting effect on the superyacht industry? Erik Floor shares new market data and future insights to answer that question.

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