30 MAY 2023

Heesen launches a brand new episode of YachtTalk in which renowned yacht interior designer Cristiano Gatto shares his creative ideas and designs for Project Jade, YN20350.

Jade is the third in Heesen’s popular 50-metre semi-displacement Series, which builds on the shipyard’s legacy of fast, hard-chine aluminium yachts. Furthermore, this fast-cruising yacht is the first of its kind below 500 GT to comply with IMO Tier-III regulations.

“To evolve the design, we started by finding the essence of the initial design, refined it and then enriched it”, Cristiano Gatto says. “We were able to create a fresh, modern and contemporary interior – a blank canvas for the owners to personalise.”

Jade, currently still available, will be ready for delivery in 2024.

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28 MARCH 2023

In the first episode of YachtTalk Season 4, we take a close look at Eysing, one of Heesen’s special brand partners. Four young entrepreneurs from the same region as Heesen decided to bring back one of the most iconic brands in the Dutch history of motorcycles and automobiles. Eysing creates exclusive, hand-built electric mopeds that combine the retro design of legendary Dutch motorcycles with tomorrow’s sustainable technology.
They’ve done it so convincingly that famous car design agency Pininfarina have decided to team-up with them.
Stijn Smit, Head of Sales at Eysing, and Heesen’s Marketing Director, Mark van Heffen, share all the details of this exciting partnership.

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MYS2022 - Trends in superyacht design

10 October 2022

Just a stone’s throw from the Monaco Yacht Show is Espen Øino International, one of the world’s leading design studios for large custom motor yachts, which was responsible for the spectacular exterior of Galactica Super Nova. For more than 25 years this studio has exerted a significant influence on superyacht design. Charlotte Kan has an appointment with Espen, and Heesen CCO Friso Visser, to talk about the latest design trends in yachting.

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MYS2022 - The future of yachting

30 September 2022

How future proof is the yachting industry? How can we attract and seduce new generations of yacht owners? How will new technologies, changing owner lifestyles and sustainability affect the market? Together with Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director MYS, and Raphael Sauleau, CEO of Fraser Yachts, we will look into the future of yachting. Plus: we will bring you updates from the show, with up-to-the-minute superyacht news from Monaco’s Port Hercule.

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MYS2022 - Heesen at the MYS

29 September 2022

In this first MYS Special Charlotte Kan will bring you her exclusive report from the Heesen press conference at the Hermitage Hotel, where an exciting new concept will be presented. Naval Architect & Yacht Designer Jim Dixon of Winch Design will share all the details of this exciting model designed to appeal to a more adventurous clientele. And we will catch up with Heesen CEO Arthur Brouwer, updating us on the shipyard’s most recent developments and sharing his thoughts on the superyacht market. 

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28 JULY 2022

In the second episode of our new season of YachtTalk Specials, we’ll be looking ahead to the introduction of Heesen’s significantly updated 55m Steel series, one of the Dutch shipyard’s most successful platforms to date.

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30 JUNE 2022

In this first episode of the new season of YachtTalk Specials, we are at the Heesen shipyard in Oss, where they’ve just commenced the build of Project Jade. Following Aquamarine and Sapphire, Jade is the third vessel in the 50m aluminium series. Superyacht designer Frank Laupman shows off the highlights of her exterior design, and you might also learn a thing or two about aluminium welding. Since the shipyard was founded more than 40 years ago, Heesen has used aluminium to build its ultra-fast and efficient yachts. To let you in on a few of the secrets of lightweight yacht building, naval architect Sjoerd van Herk takes us behind the scenes in Shed 6.

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24 JANUARY 2022

To keep yachting as we promote it on YachtTalk, the industry needs to take drastic steps to reduce its footprint. One of the key challenges is how to develop yachts with cleaner and more efficient propulsion systems. While hydrogen remains a focal point, there are plenty of effective short-term solutions to meet strict emissions targets. In this episode of YachtTalk, we take a look at cleaner alternatives, and address how we should fundamentally change the way we approach energy in yachting.

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20 DECEMBER 2021

While the pandemic still limits our travel options, we are dreaming of open water and new destinations to take our yachts. The Med is still everybody’s favourite, but the next generation of owners and charter clients seek out more adventurous, original and sustainable destinations to maximise their return on experience. In this episode of YachtTalk we explore new horizons to find the next superyacht hotspots.

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23 NOVEMBER 2021

The yachting industry is a small world with great opportunities for young ambitious professionals. But that’s also a well-kept secret. The sexiness of the yachting lifestyle does not necessarily reflect on the shipyards and suppliers that find it hard to attract and nurture talent in a tight labour market. In this episode of YachtTalk we discuss the challenges and opportunities of human resources in yachting.

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