The quality of our custom-built yachts is exceptional, but the innovative technology
that goes into meeting our client’s briefs is unique. It is what enables us to achieve
the most demanding construction standards and solving the most complex aesthetic


We use Catia, a real-time CAD program that was designed by Dassault for aerospace construction. It enables us to build our yachts quickly and integrate thousands of components to create the most luxurious experience.

The construction process begins with machine-cut aluminium, which is welded by our experienced professionals and assembled into hulls and superstructures with meticulous precision.

Then we add Heesen technology, a feature of every yacht in our fleet irrespective of its size. We can even tailor new solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Our greatest challenge is to design yachts that move through the water as smoothly as possible with minimal vertical movement, which is uncomfortable for those on board.

Our revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull Form has accomplished this feat better than any other. Developed by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, it delivers a yacht with augmented fuel economy and hull speed.

Another innovation is the dream of every yacht owner – free power. The innovative Hull Vane® option harnesses waves to produce power. As the yacht moves forward, water flowing over the wing produces lift and thrust. Using conventional diesel engines, a Fast Displacement Hull and Vane can achieve a range of 4,000 miles using 30 per cent less fuel. The beauty of Heesen technology in action.

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