16 Feb 2024

Beautiful brokerage Heesen 50-metre semi-displacement My Loyalty meets...

YN 17650, Project Akoya, began as a project on speculation with interior design by Cristiano Gatto. The original owners stepped in one year before the launch and entrusted renowned Dutch designer Marcel Westerink to complete the interior décor of their project. Launched in April 2016, Project... Learn more arrow-right
09 Feb 2024

Innovative hull monitoring system takes the stress out...

Heesen has broken new ground in the engineering field with a unique system for monitoring hull stress. Its application in the yard’s new flagship gives profound insight into shearing and bending forces in the hull and provides a valuable new tool in assessing both safe speed and comfort aboard.... Learn more arrow-right
07 Feb 2024

Heesen joins the Environmental Crew Guidelines programme by...

We at Heesen believe that protecting our environment and the world’s oceans is paramount. It is of vital importance to contribute to the sustainability cause with immediate actions. For this reason, we are supporting the Environmental Guidelines by the Water Revolution Foundation. These... Learn more arrow-right
05 Feb 2024

Peach Fuzz, Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone, creator of the famous colour standard, has recently selected a new Colour of the Year for 2024: ‘Peach Fuzz’. Color is an important attribute for fashion and lifestyle brands, in graphic and multimedia design. But Mark van Heffen, Heesen’s Marketing Director, proclaims that... Learn more arrow-right
02 Feb 2024

Standing ovation for Frank Mulder, recipient of the...

Frank Mulder, the celebrated naval architect behind the iconic Octopussy, was honored with the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2024 Boat International Design & Innovation Awards. The prestigious event unfolded in Kitzbuhel on Sunday, January 28, 2023. If you’re interested... Learn more arrow-right
24 Jan 2024

Modern mixology, shaking things up

The world of cocktails is changing fast. We talk to one of the world’s most talented emerging mixo­logists about the increasing interconnected­ness of cocktails and haute cuisine. Alessandro Di Gregorio has had a dazzling career. He opened his first bar at the age of 23, in Sicily. He went on... Learn more arrow-right