Our Story


Power and Beauty.
Confidence and Performance.

When that fire burns, we become unstoppable. We shape the hardest steel and strongest aluminium. With skill and dedication. With hard work and persistence. This is who we are. Power and Beauty. Confidence and Performance.

That’s what our Super Yachts are made of.
We.... are Heesen.


Founding father Frans Heesen had no idea of the adventure awaiting him when he acquired Striker Boats back in 1978. Now, almost four decades later, he has built a company renowned for producing some of the finest superyachts in the world. And although he stepped back from the company in 2012, his mission to create yachts that push the boundaries still lives on today.

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We are humbled and proud by the International recognition we have been awarded.
Though the greatest reward for us is to see a happy customer sail away on an beautifully crafted yacht.

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At Heesen we build our yachts entirely in-house. This combination of high-tech engineering and quality craftsmanship, creates unique career opportunities and a dynamic and rewarding work environment. With a high degree of responsibility and variation, you will build yachts beyond your imagination.

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