24 Apr 2024

Interview with Tom-erik Buis Technical Sales Engineer

At Heesen, we’re dream builders. And it takes many different skills and talents to deliver what we promise. In our newest Q&A series, we’re speaking to Tom-erik Buis, our Technical Sales Engineer – a man who knows what it takes to get our projects over the finish line. He was a naval... Learn more arrow-right
19 Apr 2024

Sea dogs – Cruising with canines

Two special guests of honour regularly cruise on board the 50-metre steel displacement Heesen Ocean Z – Milo and Dottie, the owners’ dogs. The yacht’s captain, Billy Lockhart (BL), describes what life on board is like for these peripatetic pups.  Do these sea dogs have their sea legs? BL:... Learn more arrow-right
12 Apr 2024

SYT iQ Insight: Preview of the State of...

SuperYacht Times has released its annual The State of Yachting report, now available for download. This SYT iQ Insight article provides a glimpse into the comprehensive market data analysis and insights provided by the Intelligence Team at SuperYacht Times. In 2023, the yacht industry witnessed a... Learn more arrow-right
08 Apr 2024

Heesen welcomes EU crackdown on green claims

Proposed new EU rules to prevent spurious or misleading environmental claims will be good for the superyacht industry, Heesen Yachts believes. Marketing director Mark van Heffen has welcomed the Commission’s so-called Green Claims Directive, saying it will weed out unscrupulous players and ensure... Learn more arrow-right
04 Apr 2024

How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Yachting

From watertoys to yacht parts, this high-tech manufacturing process is making a host of previously impossible things possible. In 2019, the University of Maine in the United States stunned the world when it unveiled a boat produced with its 3D printer. It wasn’t a toy boat, either. Measuring 7.6... Learn more arrow-right
27 Mar 2024

America The Beautiful

Anyone who’s seen my social media feed or read one of my Forbes stories knows I’m as “American” as you can be. I just can’t help it. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely aware of just how crazy US politics is. And I’m sincerely embarrassed by all the stereotypical “ugly... Learn more arrow-right