The US Superyacht Association

The US Superyacht Association. A beacon of excellence serves primarily the interests of the American superyacht industry, meanwhile championing collaboration and innovation within the global maritime community.

Founded in 2006, the USSA has rapidly grown into a dynamic and influential organization, serving as a vital resource for yacht owners, industry professionals, and enthusiasts alike. At its core, the USSA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of the American superyacht industry on both a national and international level. By advocating for policies and regulations that support growth and sustainability within the industry, the association serves as a unified voice for its members, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed by policymakers and governing bodies. Amplifying the voices of this pocket of the industry through strategic partnerships and proactive engagement is a tireless task. However, imperative, to enhance the competitiveness of the American superyacht market, resulting in accelerated economic growth, job creation, and sharing technological innovation across the country and beyond.

In addition to these mammoth advocacy efforts, the USSA plays a crucial role in educating and empowering industry professionals through a wide range of educational programs, workshops, and networking events. This can only result in a higher standards and contributions across the board! From seminars on regulatory compliance and safety standards to workshops on marketing strategies and emerging trends, the association provides invaluable resources and opportunities for professional development, helping members stay ahead of the curve in this fast moving, ever-evolving industry.

This is achieved in particular with the Superyacht Summit series, the USSA brings together thought leaders, experts, and innovators from around the world to discuss pressing issues, share best practices, and explore opportunities for collaboration. These summits serve as a platform for conversation, structured debate and social networking. The ideal environment to drive progress and innovation within the industry.

“A rising tide lifts all boats” Kitty Mcgowan, president of the USSA

Boatbuilding News interviews Kitty
America houses vast talent in the superyacht industry. Stunning craftsmanship and bold innovation of this level needs to be promoted on the global stage! The USSA is committed to achieving this.

As a huge $6 billion segment of the recreational boating industry, this US focus and USSA relationship is a top priority for Heesen

One standout example of Heesen Yachts’ commitment to the US market is the stunning vessel known as “Book Ends,” a perfectly tailored yacht for US waters.

“USSA puts a lot of effort and energy into maintaining and strengthening the U.S. infrastructure that supports the yachting industry worldwide.  The U.S. infrastructure is important to us at Heesen because of the after-sales support of our vessels that takes place in the U.S.  Every aspect of our boats (and life on board) can be repaired and maintained at a very level not available everywhere.  There are a large number of U.S. and foreign Heesen owners who rely on the network of vast and varied resources in the States.  USSA helps to build and nourish that network.” Thomas Conboy. Director of Sales, Heesen Yachts USA

Through participation in international boat shows, trade missions, and industry events, the association helps raise awareness of American-made yachts and products, attracting potential buyers and investors from around the world.

As the American superyacht industry continues to evolve and expand, the role of the USSA becomes increasingly critical in shaping its trajectory and ensuring its long-term success. The association empowers its members to thrive in a competitive global market while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and sustainability.

Written by Hollie Smith 





Mark Cavendish   Chief Commercial Officer

| Robert Drontmann   Sales Director

Heesen Yachts North America

Thom Conboy   Agent North-America, Mexico, Bahama's & Caribbean