Galactica Super Nova and Amore Mio winners at the World Superyacht Awards

May 16, 2017 -

We are proud to announce that on May 13, 2017, both Amore Mio and Galactica Super Nova received the coveted Neptune Trophy at the World Superyacht Awards, the Oscars of the superyacht industry.

This prestigious event was held at Palazzo Vecchio where the industry leaders, designers, and superyacht owners gathered in the fabulous Salone dei Cinquecento to celebrate the finest yachts of the year. These awards recognise the remarkable ingenuity and innovation demanded by the design, engineering and construction of the world’s finest luxury yachts. Attended by the elite of the superyacht world, owners and industry leaders came together to recognise the finest superyachts launched throughout 2016.

Amore Mio (Winner Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 40m to 49.9m)

This class tested the judges’ analytical skills and every yacht was treated to detailed scrutiny and discussion. Following this, the secret ballot proved the 45 metre Heesen Amore Mio to be their favourite. The judges admired the versatility of this vessel, which offers an unusual blend of 30-knot performance and a 2,750 nautical mile range at its 12-knot cruising speed.

Her owners’ requested a ‘summer house on the sea’ and the judges felt this to be well met, with spacious open decks offering admirable dining and lounging areas on two levels aft, while the foredeck offers additional sun-lounging and seating. With so much space devoted to outside areas, the interior layout had to make intelligent use of every available square metre, and the judges felt that this was achieved without compromising either the guest or crew quarters. The technical aspects of the yacht were also praised, particularly the build quality, the gyro-stabilisers that provide low speed and ‘at anchor’ stability, and the possibility to deploy life preservers at the push of a button.

Galactica Super Nova (Winner Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 50m and Above)

This vessel is an example of a newly developed category of fast yachts whose hull form provides optimum performance at both full displacement speeds and well above. Whether this 30-knot yacht has a full-displacement or a semi-displacement hull is arguable, but it has been placed in the Semi-Displacement Class for this event because, being a high performance vessel, she shares a semi-displacement yacht’s need for lightness of construction, in that any excess of weight will seriously detract from her performance.

Given this decision, the judges also felt that, because Galactica Super Nova is 20 metres longer than the next largest yacht in her class and therefore able to pack in far more luxury, it was impossible to compare her with the smaller boats. She was, therefore, put into her own category and the judges applied the test of whether she is worthy of a Neptune. In view of her build quality, appearance and high level of superb facilities, she passed this test with flying colours and was rewarded with a Neptune.

Congratulations to the Owners, the designers, and everyone who worked strenuously and passionately building these two magnificent superyachts.