Heesen Joins JobsCool to Cultivate the Next Generation of Technically Skilled Workforce

On May 28, Heesen joined as a partner JobsCool, an initiative that brings together major employers in the Oss region, like Spierings Mobile Cranes and Verhoeven Family of Companies, alongside educational institutions like Koning Willem I College. This partnership marks a significant step towards fostering a technically skilled workforce tailored to meet the demands of the ever-evolving labor market.

A Critical Look at the Labor Market
The current labor market presents a stark reality: the supply of technically skilled workers falls short of the industry’s needs. This gap poses a challenge for companies like Heesen, which relies on a highly skilled workforce to maintain its standard of excellence in yacht building and other technical fields. Addressing this discrepancy requires a proactive approach, and Heesen’s involvement with JobsCool is a strong testament to this commitment.

The Power of Collaboration
JobsCool is a powerful collective effort to bridge the gap between the skills available in the labor market and the skills required by employers. By joining forces with other major players in the Oss region, Heesen is taking a strategic step to ensure that the next generation of workers is not only well-trained but also motivated and inspired to excel in their technical careers.

Tailoring Learning Experiences for Gen Z
One of the critical aspects of JobsCool is its focus on creating learning experiences that resonate with Generation Z. This generation, born into a world of rapid technological advancement, has different learning preferences and career aspirations compared to previous generations. They seek meaningful, hands-on experiences and value opportunities for growth and development.

At Heesen, we understand the importance of adapting our training programs to meet these expectations. Through our collaboration with JobsCool, we aim to provide a learning environment that is engaging, relevant, and conducive to developing technical skills. This involves integrating modern teaching methods, leveraging technology, and offering real-world experiences that prepare students for the challenges of the industry.

Investing in the Future
For Heesen, investing in the future of our company means investing in the next generation of #heesentistas. This term, which has become synonymous with the skilled and dedicated professionals at Heesen, represents our commitment to fostering a talented workforce that can carry our legacy forward.

By participating in JobsCool, we are not only addressing the immediate needs of the labor market but also laying the foundation for a sustainable future. We believe that by nurturing young talent and providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed, we can ensure the continued success and growth of our company.

The Role of Education and Industry Partnerships
The partnership between industry and educational institutions is crucial in this endeavor. Koning Willem I College, known for its strong emphasis on technical education, plays a vital role in this collaboration. By working closely with the college, we can ensure that the curriculum is aligned with industry needs and that students receive the practical training required to excel in their careers.

Similarly, partnerships with companies like Spierings Mobile Cranes and the Verhoeven Family of Companies provide students with exposure to different aspects of the technical field. This holistic approach to education and training equips students with a diverse skill set, making them versatile and valuable assets to any organization.

A Bright Future Ahead
Joining JobsCool represents a significant milestone in our journey towards building a resilient and skilled workforce. At Heesen, we are excited about the opportunities this initiative brings and are committed to playing an active role in its success. By working together with other industry leaders and educational institutions, we can create a learning experience that not only meets the needs of the labor market but also inspires and empowers the next generation of technical professionals.

Heesen’s involvement with JobsCool underscores our dedication to investing in the future. We believe that by nurturing young talent and providing them with the right opportunities, we can ensure a bright and prosperous future for both our company and the industry as a whole. Together, we can build a workforce that is skilled, motivated, and ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.





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