Project Skyfall

When complete in 2023, 60-metre SkyFall will be Heesen’s most powerful yacht to date. Super-efficient at high speeds with a lightweight aluminium FDHF and geared around sports fishing, Project SkyFall is a superyacht like no other. She will harness 22,000 hp of power spread over four MTU 20V4000 engines driving four Kongsberg S90 water jets. Reaching a maximum speed of 37 knots wrapped up in a striking and sporty design by Omega Architects, SkyFall is a real-life rocket ship on water. And the cool features don’t stop there. It has a DJ mixing station for parties. A fully-fledged fishing cave with stowage for 40 rods. And a multi-tiered swim platform for the ultimate onboard experience.

The challenge

A custom project from start to finish, no detail has been left to chance. SkyFall’s bespoke tender built by Vanquish and designed by Guido de Groot will mirror the mothership down to the last brush stroke. And this is where your opinion is needed.

Dutch studio Omega Architects has designed a striking profile with an aggressive paint scheme to exude power and speed, but the yacht owner is interested to hear your thoughts on which out of the five colour options is best for both yacht and tender.

About the colour schemes

All the below paint options are selected from paint specialist Awlgrip’s long-lasting palette of high performance, high gloss, durable marine paint. This makes each one the ideal match for a high-performance yacht and tender like SkyFall.

Medium Gray

Charismatic and refined, a mid-grey paint scheme depicts authority and presence on the open water. The most masculine and striking of all the colour options, when seen under direct sunlight it depicts the hue of a Baltic afternoon.

Egg Shell White

Eggshell White is a warm off-white, less stark than brilliant white and more neutral in its appeal. It has a soft hint of brown pigment to its undertone.

Ice Blue

Pale and pure with a jewel undertone, Ice Blue depicts a cool and refreshing feel. Often likened to a soft teal aqua-green, it has hints of the ocean in its tone.

Desert Tan

Calming and low key, this is a subtle and luxurious shade. Yellowy in its base tone, it suggests a vast desert landscape where adventure beckons.

Vestal White

Cool and sophisticated in its porcelain-like appearance, Vestal White is the traditional colour for a yacht and matching tender.

Colour me pretty

In the spirit of getting creative, we would like to invite parents to download and print out a black and white sketch of SkyFall in profile for your children to colour in using their own paint scheme. Once complete, please share it on your social media and tag us. We would love to see all the finished artworks.

Download coloring page