A taste of a career in yachting

A snuffelstage, a unique concept originating from the Netherlands, is a short internship experience designed to help young students explore potential career paths. It’s like a ‘taster session’ for a specific job or industry, allowing you to get a feel for the work environment and tasks involved.

This is what characterises a snufelstage:

  • Short and Exploratory: Snuffelstages are typically brief, lasting anywhere from a day to a few weeks. The goal is to give you a broad overview, not in-depth training.
  • Getting Your Nose In: The term “snuffel” refers to exploring or sniffing something out. During this stage, you’ll get a chance to observe the work environment, ask questions, and maybe even try out some basic tasks.
  • Making a Choice: Snuffelstages are ideal for students or anyone unsure about their career direction. They can help you confirm your interest in a field or discover something new that excites you.

If you’re looking for a way to explore career options, a snuffelstage could be a perfect first step.

A few years ago, 15-year old Ruben van der Wielen got his first taste of a career in yachting at Heesen Yachts. During three days of job shadowing at the shipyard in Oss, 4th-grade secondary school student Ruben experienced first-hand what it’s like to organise boat show events and how to produce the finest yacht interiors. Ruben’s brother, who already works at Heesen Interiors, raised his interest in shipbuilding. His short but intense apprenticeship really sparked his enthusiasm. “My first day started with a tour of the shipyard, which was super cool! I was surprised by the size of it, with so many different sheds. It’s incredible to see how much work goes into building a yacht, with so many people involved. Not just to produce these yachts, but you also need people to design, engineer and sell them. Back at school, the Stedelijke Scholengemeenschap Nijmegen, I will give a presentation to my fellow scholars about my experience at Heesen. I think very few know about the career opportunities in yachting, especially in this part of the country. So I hope by sharing this experience I can change that a little bit.”

We are delighted to welcome interns in various departments every year. At Heesen, we value knowledge transmission and enjoy showing the next generation the beauty of working in superyacht building.





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