Inspiration for a career in yacht building

Recruiting the next generation of yacht builders is a key focus at Heesen. By engaging with local schools and welcoming students to personally experience our cutting-edge facilities and innovative techniques, the shipyard aims to ignite a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. This may ultimately inspire them to consider a future in the yachting industry.

For tech-savvy youngsters, entering Heesen’s shipyard in Oss is akin to stepping into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Scholars express genuine amazement as they witness our yachts being constructed, observe the use of high-tech equipment, and witness highly skilled artisans diligently working to the highest standards to craft yachts of up to 80 metres. Following safety instructions, the scholars are grouped into three and guided through the facilities. They get to see yachts at various stages of completion, gaining insights into the diverse professions involved. At the tour’s conclusion, students are encouraged to showcase their woodworking skills by crafting a wooden yacht model to take home as a memento of an exhilarating day.

“We take immense pride in showcasing our workplace to the younger generation and sharing our passion for the yachting industry,” says Angela Donkers, not only a Business Partner at Heesen but also a part-time ‘tour guide’ during the scholars’ visits.

Behind the scenes
Every year, Heesen actively participates in the Youth Companies Day in Oss. Over 100 regional companies collaborate with local secondary schools, extending invitations to scholars for an exclusive peek behind the scenes and an opportunity to explore real-world professions.

“These bright minds, most of them aged 15 with a technical profile, stand at a pivotal point in making significant decisions about their future education,” remarks Angela Donkers. “Visiting companies aligned with their interests, engaging in conversations with professionals about their roles, can profoundly impact their career choices later on. It’s not uncommon for candidates, during job interviews, to mention their visit to the shipyard during their youth. While we may not be situated near maritime academies for yacht building, I like to believe that exposing our workplace to the younger generation and sharing our passion for the yachting industry plays a crucial role in recruiting talented individuals as they grow older.”

Back to school
With approximately 80 per cent of the shipyard’s workforce residing in the city of Oss, local recruitment holds paramount importance for Heesen. Donkers emphasizes, “We stand as one of the largest employers in the region, and Heesen is undeniably a well-known and respected company in Oss. However, not many people are acquainted with the diverse array of jobs and career opportunities available at our shipyard. It’s only when you step inside our offices and workshops that you grasp the sheer number of talented individuals required to construct a yacht. From carpenters to welders, engineers to mounting experts, few products demand such a diverse set of skills. Consequently, we actively participate in Open Days at schools and deliver interactive lectures at primary schools, engaging younger scholars in the world of yacht building. We challenge these youngsters to construct a yacht from clay, create mood boards, and conduct scientific floating experiments. It’s a lot of fun!”

Continuous learning
Heesen serves as an excellent stepping stone for a career in yacht building in several ways. Angela Donkers explains, “Through our ‘BBL’ programme, we offer a diverse range of apprenticeships that allow students to acquire on-the-job skills while still in school. We view learning as an ongoing journey and encourage our team to maximize their skills and competencies. The Heesen Academy is our commitment to providing unique internal training programs across all levels and departments at Heesen. By continually investing in the exceptional craftsmanship at the shipyard and attracting new talent, we can uphold the renowned high quality that Heesen is known for. After all, young people are the hope for the future.”

Learn more?
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