Venus was her name

Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, serves as a fitting muse for us to name the latest model in our popular 55-metre Steel series after. Project Venus is, after all, a yacht defined by muscular exterior lines and a restyled, elegant profile by Omega Architects that emphasises the optical length of the yacht and continuous sheets of tinted glass on the main and upper deck.

The superstructure is adorned with a “shark tooth”, giving it a distinctive design signature on the overhang of the wheelhouse. The svelte design is free from fashion plates and pillars, offering uninterrupted ocean vistas. From the moment guests step aboard, they are greeted with unparalleled views of the sea from virtually every location, even when seated in the sky lounge. It’s this sort of attention to detail — a Heesen signature — that significantly improves the onboard indoor/outdoor connection. It’s further enhanced in the main deck dining and sky lounge by the complete removal of window mullions to afford an even stronger connection with the exterior surroundings.

While some might think our choice of name is a nod to the cosmos, drawing inspiration from Venus, the second planet from the Sun. As if our Dutch shipbuilding craftmanship transcends earthly bounds, reaching for the stars. Then there’s the vibrant energy of Venus Williams, the iconic tennis champion whose spirit echoes our vessel’s prowess. With seven Grand Slam singles titles to her name, she epitomizes strength and determination, much like Project Venus itself—a vessel brimming with cutting-edge features and groundbreaking design innovations.

However, perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that it is neither Roman mythology nor terrestrial planets that inspired us. The name Venus actually derives from our Dutch roots. It’s a secret that has been kept firmly locked behind dry dock doors. Only now, in keeping with our mandate for full transparency, we can reveal that Venus is in fact named after the number one hit by Dutch rock band Shocking Blue.

Formed in The Hague in 1967, they were considered the most successful Nederbeat band to come out of the Netherlands. The band had a string of hit songs during the counterculture movement of the 1960s and early 1970s, including Send Me a Postcard and Golden Earring. However, their breakout success was largely due to the international triumph of their biggest hit record, Venus, which reached number one in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Written by Robbie van Leeuwen, the song topped the charts in nine countries. It has been covered dozens of times by many artists, and our younger readers are probably more familiar with the 1986 cover by British-Irish girl group Bananarama.

If you’re wondering why we chose to reference this song, allow us to draw your attention to the wholly relevant lyrics that really swung the decision: “The summit of beauty and love, and Venus was her name.” There is no denying that Project Venus is the summit of Heesen craftsmanship and quality, epitomised by her beautiful svelte lines and the love that Italian studio Luca Dini Design and Architecture put into penning the yacht’s gorgeous interior. The choice for the interior styling was inspired, and this studio brings additional pedigree to the game.

With four guest cabins on the lower deck, the master stateroom on the main deck and a VIP suite on the bridge deck, Project Venus is ideal for clients interested in charter, but also Middle Eastern clients who like to have a lot of cabins. The French balcony in the owners’ apartment is a nook where the outdoors can be enjoyed in peace. The yacht’s 55-metre platform is large enough to offer plenty of outdoor and indoor areas for relaxing, socialising and enjoying life on board, though not too big to prevent it from accessing the charming ports of the Mediterranean. But most of all, the summit of Project Venus’ beauty lies below the waterline. Thanks to her ultra-performing Fast Displacement hull in combination with two compact Two MTU4000 M63 (IMO Tier III), she will reach a top speed of 15.5 knots.

Project Venus is due to be delivered in Q2 of 2025. Now, if that doesn’t make you want to scream “She’s got it, yeah, baby, she’s got it!”, then we don’t know what will.





Mark Cavendish   Chief Commercial Officer

| Robert Drontmann   Sales Director

Heesen Yachts North America

Thom Conboy   Agent North-America, Mexico, Bahama's & Caribbean