YachtTalk episode 8: A career in yachting - Heesen Yachts

YachtTalk episode 8: A career in yachting

The yachting industry is a small world with great opportunities for young ambitious professionals. But that’s also a well-kept secret. The sexiness of the yachting lifestyle does not necessarily reflect on the shipyards and suppliers that find it hard to attract and nurture talent in a tight labour market, making it increasingly difficult to find highly skilled craftspeople to build these complex vessels.

How do we sell the industry to future employers? What are effective ways to nurture and develop talent in-house? And how can we effectively increase diversity to enrich our workforce with new strengths and qualities?
Together with Carla Limatola of Young Professionals in Yachting, and Maike Bonke, Manager Human Resources at Heesen, we discuss the challenges and opportunities of human resources in yachting.



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