Heesen’s Showcase at the 30th Edition of the Dubai Boat Show

The 30th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) proved to be a memorable event, which brought together some of the biggest names in the maritime industry, under the shining Dubai sun.

This show has grown substantially over the years and 2024 marked its 30th anniversary, with record-breaking attendance figures. The event featured over 800 exhibitors from all over the world, which clearly demonstrates the growing popularity and significance of the show on a global scale. The event attracted over 60,000 participants, which is a testament to the increasing interest and investment in the maritime industry. The show also welcomed representatives from more than 50 countries, highlighting its wide-reaching global influence. Hisham Abushakra, General Manager of Royal Yachts Dubai, shared insights with us into the diverse clientele in the Middle East. Characterised by high net worth, refined taste, and choices reflecting wealth and status, clients fell into two broad categories. The first group consists of well-known public figures and high-profile businesspeople who are influential personalities with a significant impact on society. The second group is made up of locals and foreigners who have chosen Dubai as their home and have contributed significantly to its diverse culture and economy, regardless of their respective nationalities.

With its world-class infrastructure and high standard of living, Dubai has become a magnet for high-net-worth individuals and superyachts like Genesis, Galvas, Rocket, Asya, Ammoun of London, and Red Sapphire who have all found their home here.Hisham also said: “Dubai is not just a place of luxury and opulence; it also represents a potential for continuous growth and development. This trend is expected to spread beyond the borders of the UAE, with neighbouring countries adopting Dubai’s successful business model and creating their own brands. As a result, we can anticipate a shift in interest and the attraction of more high-net-worth individuals to these regions in the future. As the region continues to grow and evolve, we can only expect this clientele base to expand and diversify.”

Heesen’s presence on Superyacht Avenue, in the heart of the show, a dedicated space for the world’s leading super yacht builders. Amidst this prestigious line-up, Heesen made a strong statement displaying the models of the exclusive luxury explorer by Winch, the iconic XV67, and the Omega designs of the 57m Akira and Orion, which are currently in build at the shipyard in Oss.

Robert Drontmann, Heesen’s Sales Director, commented: “The Dubai show is always an excellent opportunity for us to meet with new and existing clients. With our fast-growing fleet in the region, we enjoyed welcoming captains and crew to our stand.”

Superyacht broker Jonathan Hind of Burgess, comments on the evolution of the yachting trends and tastes. “We are seeing that UAE and Middle East-based yachts and owners are craving more than just floating luxury. From our ‘on-the-ground’ experience, we are witnessing that yacht owners are looking for more than just a floating palace. They want capability, be that in cabin numbers, range or autonomy. They want different and original culinary experiences, both onboard and on land. They want to access places otherwise inaccessible and to enjoy all of this in safety and comfort. While there is still a requirement for floating luxury that luxury now needs to be deliverable anywhere any time.”

Heesen’s Marketing Director, Mark van Heffen, concludes that the Dubai Show provided an invaluable opportunity to witness the ever-developing culture and luxury marketing in this thriving region.

Written by Sara Gioanola.





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