MY Como I: A Decade of Excellence on the Water

Originally crafted for a discerning client, Como I has always been privately owned and meticulously maintained by experienced owners who have kept her in immaculate condition. It’s hard to believe she is already ten years old, given her pristine state. MY Como I, a 50-meter semi-displacement yacht built by Heesen in 2014, is now being presented through a shared Central Agency between Y.CO and Ocean Independence.

The yacht’s original interior was designed by the renowned Francesco Paszkowski. Recently, the current owner enlisted FM Architettura to give the interiors a refreshing update. “A boat should grow over the years, it must evolve, it is not a museum; it should always reflect her owners and the places she visits,” says Jonathan Zwaans of Y.CO.

FM Architettura’s redesign has made Como I’s interiors more open and lighter, featuring exquisite stainless steel details that add a touch of luxury. These details are a hallmark of Heesen Yachts Interiors’ fine cabinet makers. The atmosphere aboard Como I evokes the cool, contemporary vibe of a New York City penthouse, a testament to a “happy build with enough budget.”

Como I has a storied history of happiness and excellence. Her current owner, Neville Chricton, takes immense pride in presenting the yacht in the best possible light, drawing from his extensive experience in the car business. Every detail, from the subtle decor to the delicate fragrance, has been perfected, and from a technical standpoint, the yacht is in ‘perfectissimo’ shape.

Jonathan Zwaans adds, “The fourth owner of this yacht will be a very happy one! He or she will purchase a yacht with many pedigrees: reputable shipyard, excellent crew, and a series of savvy owners.”

Heesen Yachts is renowned for building vessels that stand the test of time, combining timeless elegance with exceptional craftsmanship. Como I exemplifies the quality and longevity that Heesen is known for, making her not just a yacht but a lasting legacy.

“COMO I’s pristine condition and impressive resale value can be attributed to two main factors – the seasoned owner’s genuine care for his vessel and the unmatched quality of Dutch craftsmanship. For centuries, Dutch shipbuilders have been renowned for their attention to detail, with a strong emphasis on quality and precision. This commitment to excellence has been passed down through generations of shipbuilders, creating a legacy that continues at Heesen today. COMO I is a shining example of this.” Adds Thom Conboy.

Photos by Thierry Ameller
Written by Sara Gioanola





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