Exterior design

Heesen Yachts is one of the very few shipbuilders to have an entire in-house department of specialists.
Their role is to ensure that the quality and construction of your yachts is beyond reproach - with performance as a top priority.


With the focus on performance-prioritised yachts, our highly qualified welding craftsmen are able to produce some of the smoothest hulls and superstructures out of aluminium and steel.

The bulbous bow is the most critically stressed part of a large yacht. Its precise length and angle is a key factor in the yacht’s performance. For maximum strength and rigidity, the aluminium in our hulls is more than three times as thick as the body of a jumbo jet.


A key factor in delivering increased performance with uncompromised style is weight, which is strictly controlled. Heesen Yachts is the only shipyard that can offer three different hull options: Semi-Displacement, Displacement and the Fast Displacement Hull Form using both aluminium and/or steel. The engineering and naval architecture are rigorously tested to predict excellent levels of performance, comfort and stability.

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