Our Fleet

Every Heesen yacht tells our story. It’s a story of evolution, of raising the bar
on performance and efficiency. Whether it is a steel displacement hull,
aluminium semi-displacement hull, or our revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull,
each yacht is custom-built to the highest standards of luxury and performance.

Every Heesen yacht
tells our story

Heesen is recognised as a world leader in aluminium construction and our yachts consistently win major awards.

We are not just yacht builders; we are also dream builders.

We owe it to our customers to exceed their expectations with regard to performance, comfort and quality. To live up to this promise, we push our boundaries every day without compromise.

We aim to fulfil our owners’ dreams. This commitment, combined with excellent customer service, allows them to enjoy their yachts to the fullest.

This is the way it has always been, ever since Frans Heesen founded the company in 1978 and we first began creating experiences beyond belief.

Expand your horizons.